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Father/Son Learning אבות ובנים

Starting Motzei Shabbos Lech Lecha, November 12th at 6:25pm, Kehillas Zichron Dovid of Pomona will be bringing back it's Avos U'Bonim program for Father & Son learning.  Come and get a ticket for a raffle, yummy pizza and a vort from Rabbi Berman!

There are sponsorship opportunities open. Sponsor a week for only $75! It's a huge zechus!

The weekly prizes include Board Games, RC Helicopters & Cars, LEGO sets, Sport Games and More!  Our first shipment of prizes arrived already.

The grand prizes have been increased drastically from last year.  The grand prize is now $200 towards a toy store and there are 6 runner-up prizes of $50/each!


Sponsor a week - $75

11/10/2018 Motzei Shabbos Toldos Name Schreiber Family

11/17/2018 Motzei Shabbos Vayetzei Name Berkowitz in Memory of Nata Hirsch ben Gershon

11/24/2018 Motzei Shabbos Vayishlach Open Register Now
12/01/2018 Motzei Shabbos Vayeshev Name Zabner

12/08/2018 Motzei Shabbos Miketz Name Gross

12/15/2018 Motzei Shabbos Vayigash Open Register Now
12/22/2018 Motzei Shabbos Vayechi Open Register Now
12/29/2018 Motzei Shabbos Shemos Open Register Now
01/05/2019 Motzei Shabbos Vaera Open Register Now
01/12/2019 Motzei Shabbos Bo Open Register Now
01/19/2019 Motzei Shabbos Beshalach Open Register Now
01/26/2019 Motzei Shabbos Yisro Open Register Now
02/02/2019 Motzei Shabbos Mishpatim Open Register Now
02/09/2019 Motzei Shabbos Terumah Open Register Now
02/16/2019 Motzei Shabbos Tetzaveh Open Register Now
02/23/2019 Motzei Shabbos Ki Sisa Open Register Now
03/02/2019 Motzei Shabbos Vayakhel Open Register Now
03/09/2019 Motzei Shabbos Pekudei Open Register Now
03/16/2019 Motzei Shabbos Vayikra Open Register Now
03/23/2019 Motzei Shabbos Tzav Open Register Now


Sun, December 16 2018 8 Teves 5779